May Class Schedule!



*Dragonfly Students are monthly enrollments and students are registered in specific classes.

*Unless Specified, NO "Drop-ins" are admitted without prior approval from the class

  instructor or program director, and only for advanced level classes.

*Students may purchase Open Gym sessions and Workshops as a Drop-In through our "Events Tab".

(Minors must be accompanied by an adult unless approved by the director). 

Non students must also be approved by the director or a Dragonfly instructor to register for open gyms. 

May Class Schedule

(New classes in Yellow)



3:00pm- Youth Fabric (L1)(Katrina) 

4:15pm- Teen/Adult Intro to Fabric (L1) (Katrina)

5:30pm- Youth Fabric (L1)(Katrina)

6:45pm- Teen/Adult Hoop (L2) (Katrina)

8:00pm- Adult Intro to Fabric (L2)(Katrina)



2:00pm- Adult Advanced Hoop (Emily) 

3:00pm- Int/Adv Fabric & Rope Sequencing (L3/4) (Emily) 

​4:15pm- Youth/Teen Intro to Fabric (Emily) 

4:40pm-Advanced Flexibility & Canes (Kaelibeth)

5:30pm- Teen Fabric (L2) (Katrina)

5:45pm-Teen Flexibility & Handbalancing (Canes)(Kaelibeth) 

6:50pm-Adult Flexibility & Handbalancing (Canes) (Kaelibeth) 

6:45pm- Adult Sling (L2)(Katrina)

8:00pm- Adult Intro to Mixed Apparatus (L2)(Katrina)


9:30pm- Yoga (Stacey) 

11:00am- Adult L1 Hoop (Danni)

12:10pm- Adult L1 Fabric (Danni) 

3:00pm- Youth Hoop Mixed Level (Becca)

4:15pm- Flexibility/Strength (Brittany) 

4:15pm- Teen Intro to Fabric (Mistia) 

5:30pm- Teen/Adult (L4) (Drop Zone) (Mistia)

5:30p- Flexibility/Strength (Brittany) 

6:45pm- Teen/Adult Mixed Level Hoop (Emily)

8:00pm- Teen/Adult L2/3 Hoop (Emily)

9:00pm- Adult Straps (Emily)


4:00pm- Intermediate Mixed Apparatus (L2) (Danni) 

5:15pm-  Advanced Mixed Apparatus (L3/4) (Danni)

6:30pm- Youth/Teen Performance/Competitive (Floor to Air) (Danni)

7:45pm- Teen/Adult Performance/Competitive (Floor to Air) (Danni)

9:00pm- Adult Level 2/3 Fabric (Danni)


9:30-10:45-Performance Class (Mistia)

10:45am-11:45am-Act Developement (Rotating Coaches)

12:00pm-2:00pm- Professional (Mistia)

3:00pm-Youth Intro to Fabric- (Brianna)

4:15pm-Youth Intro to Fabric- (Brianna)

5:30pm-Adult Intro to Fabric- (Brianna)

6:45pm- Teen/Adult Fabric (L1) (Brianna)

8:00pm- Teen Fabric (L1) (Sara)


10:00am- Youth Intro to Mixed Apparatus  (Katrina/Danni)

11:15am- Youth Intro to Fabric  (Katrina/Danni) 

12:30pm-2:00pm- Act Development (Rotating Coaches)

2:00-5:00- Teacher Training (May 15th- June 4th)

5:30-9:00- Show Rehearsals


12:15pm-Adult Intro to Fabric (Katrina) 

1:30pm-2:30pm- Teen Intro to Fabric (Katrina) 

2:45pm-3:45pm-Family Intro to Fabric (Brianna)

4:00pm-5:00pm-Intro to Mixed App (Katrina)

5:15pm-Teen Fabric Theory (L2)  (Sierra)

6:30pm-Teen Fabric Conditioning & Technique (L3/4) (Sierra)

7:45pm- Adult Aerial Fabric (L2)  (Sierra)


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