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Katrina Jaime

Fabric, Loops, Hoop, Chains, Sling, Invented Apparatus

Katrina Jaime has been flying with Dragonfly since 2017, and enjoys exploring on any apparatus she can find. Starting out as an apprentice to Danni Maxwell, Katrina has tackled, without fear, every apparatus she can find.  With a teaching certification from both Dragonfly and Aerial Physique, she is a favorite among all Dragonfly students with her calm, warm and encouraging approach to coaching. As an unconventional aerial student, she likes to push her own boundaries and try new things encouraging others to do the same.  A perfect example of how perseverence and dedication yield results. Katrina is a mom to her own mini aerialist, Bri. When she’s not swinging around at the studio, she spends her free time with her fur babies and family.