Dear Dragonflies,

The situation changes by the day.  Nonetheless, we still refuse to subscribe to a position of panic, and we continue to strive to handle the situation with compassion, responsibility and simple common sense. 

Based on the most recent recommendations from the CDC to stay at home, beginning today March 26th - April 11th, we will be doing just that. Although we are not allowed to facilitate in-house classes at this time, Dragonfly is not closed.  We are working harder than ever to provide virtual classes, podcasts, articles and workshops to provide value and to thank our students for continuing to support us through this uncertain time.  We intend to  meet you on the other side of this, ready to fly.

In regards to enrollments, we ask that you support Dragonfly by retaining your enrollment, if at all possible.  Our landlord has been hit hard by the fallout from Covid and is not able to defer or postpone our lease payments. We've been informed that as we are weathering a significant drop in our enrollments our lease obligation may actually be increasing by as much as 50% beginning April 1st.  In addition, it is our intention to continue to provide virtual content to our students at home not only to keep you moving but also so that we can provide some of our coaches with opportunities for income during this time. Without coaches, we can not fly. We understand that for many of you continuing your enrollment is not possible and we will be here with open arms when you return.  For those of you that are able to help us bridge the gap, we will continue to provide content as well as offer incentives and a very generous open gym/makeup program upon our return.  


This closure is incredibly challenging for Dragonfly, but we are a strong community filled with extraordinary people who are capable of extraordinary things.  Even Covid will have a serious fight in it's attempts to Keep us down.   So keep up with the instagram challenges, it brings us all joy to see each other working at home!  Post on Facebook your working out with your pets!  Keep connecting with your fellow flyers via text, phone and facetime.  There is no reason in this day and age, any of us should feel isolated, even as we are separate.  Let's keep the flock together!


The most important thing is that we beat this thing so we can all come back healthy and strong and ready to take to the air. 

Most Gratefully,

Mistia Fallon


Dragonfly Aerial Company


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