Nathan Price & Isis
“Standing Acrobatics”

Tuesday, January 30th @ 8:15pm

Foot to Hand and Hand to Hand are not only super cool tricks, but are one of the foundational elements of any partner acrobatic practice. This workshop will will give you the tools you to last throughout your entire partner acrobatic journey!

We’ll go through everything; from the little commonly overlooked details that make a successful foot to hand or hand to hand, to the big, more obvious details and we’ll also be giving you some incredibly useful strength and mobility work, as well as explaining some of the variations you commonly see and why you see them.

Standing Acrobatics is based from London, U.K. where they went to The National Centre for Circus Arts, graduating in 2011. They went on to perform for Les 7 Doigts de la Main and are currently on tour performing with Cirque Du Soliel’s Crystal! Catch them Tuesday the 30th in this awesome workshop, and then again Feb 1 – 4th in Cirque du Soliel.  $45,