Movement for Aerialists Workshop

By: Danni Maxwell

Day 1

Dance Concepts and Exploring the Floor:

This would cover basic understandings of music and movement, including but not limited to:

– Counting music, finding and utilizing dynamic musical changes, and understanding/playing with changes in tempo

– Basic center/stationary dance movement. This includes basic body positions.

– Basic across the floor/traveling dance movement

– Basic Floor work

Connecting dance with your apparatus:

– learning a brief combo on the ground incorporating silks

*All movement will have a basis in either ballet, modern or jazz dance techniques*

Day 2

Choreographic Techniques and Character Building:

        A more creative/hands-off setting, allowing students to explore what they learned in Day 1 to open artistic doors. This would include:

      – Dance improv techniques for warm-up/center. This includes movement initiation from various parts of the body and dynamic changes.

      – Using music to guide movement and emotion. This includes changes in tempo and rhythm, and encourages moving from the inside out.

      – Learning a basic floor combo (connected to apparatus) and adapting it to different styles of music (leading into character development)

      – Character Building: one piece of music will be played for the entire class to hear. Students take a few minutes to write down words/emotions/ideas/etc that come to mind as they listen. Afterwards, they create a character (or storyline) that incorporates these ideas. Students are given time to choreograph a small sequence/short piece on apparatus to bring their character/story to life, which they will then show to the class at the end. Dialogue is welcome to help inspire creativity.