Dragonfly Aerial Company has the desire to produce high quality theatrical aerial entertainment for our youth and adult performance company’s. It is our mission to provide performance and character growth opportunities for all who have a passion and desire for aerial dance regardless of skill level or financial availability. It is important to us to keep costs for participation as low as possible so we can provide these opportunities to as many passionate flyers as possible, (which is why we also offer trade and scholarship programs).  With our heart focused on each student as an individual member of our flying family and not simply as a unit of revenue, it is sometimes difficult to finance productions to the caliber synonomous with the Dragonfly name without a little help from those that are passionate about Dragonfly and what we are trying to do in the community.

At Dragonfly, we embrace a challenge with a growth mindset and believe that with the help of the community we can do both, offer a quality and unique program that may be obtainable to a broad demographic as well as produce amazing art!
It simply means we need to be creative in bridging the gap!

On January 11th and 12th, 2020 at the Millibo Art Theatre, a cast of 27 students and 13 professional flyers, will be producing our best Dragonfly show yet! That’s 40 performers! Help us make this show the best it can be by contributing to our production resources through our OZ Sponsorship Contest.  In doing so you may just walk away with free classes or workshops!  Talk to your family dentist, doctor or the small business owners you frequent and see if they might be interested in advertising to our student base by purchasing an ad in our program, a banner in our studio or on our home page! With a little help from the community, we can make quality performance opportunities like OZ available to more students, which trickles down to our being able to provide more opportunities within our studio.

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