Join 19 of our Dragonfly Flyers for


A Night at the Movies! 

Our first Virtual Dragonfly In-House Performance,

Saturday, August 22nd at 6:00pm

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Tickets are donation based!

Suggested donation is $10 per person, proceeds go towards helping Dragonfly regain stability.

Please include your e-mail in your donation and a private link to access the show

will be e-mailed to you at 5:45pm Saturday, August 22nd.

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2015 - 2020 Performance & Events 

Dragonfly Aerial Company students work hard and deserve an avenue to display their progress!  Dragonfly holds at least two student performance opportunities a year, with at least one in a professional theater atmosphere and several others in an ambiance environment for various events expo's and festivals. We are a tight community of passionate flyers who support each other and encourage growth through artistic creativity and physical skill development.  Scroll down to see some of our Dragonflies in action or to purchase tickets!

A Dragonfly "OZ": January 2020

To purchase pictures, contact Karen Montalvo @ 719-323-8434

More Photos Coming Soon!

Villains & Hero's: January 2019

To purchase pictures, contact Karen Montalvo @ 719-323-8434

Greatest "Aerial" Show, June 2018

To purchase pictures, contact Karen Montalvo @ 719-323-8434

Millibo Art Theatre Student Performance October 2017

Colorado Springs Art & Music Festival

2016 Dragonfly Performance

December 4, 2016 

2015 Dragonfly Performance

November 15, 2015 

Dragonfly Aerial Company (Colorado Home Base)

 11641 Ridgeline Dr. #160 , Colorado Springs, CO 80921 *   (719) 749-1459