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With a beautiful airy and intimate yoga space, there is a whole other side to Dragonfly!
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Stacey Hind

Stacey is a mental health provider and works in private practice.  Stacey began practicing yoga in 2012, upon moving to Colorado Springs. She was initially drawn to it as a gentle form of exercise and soon became fascinated by how applicable it was ‘off the mat’. Yoga provides her inspiration and balance both in her practice and in everyday life. Practicing yoga helps her to be more centered and present with herself and with others. Stacey’s non-judgmental and compassionate teaching style invites her students to explore mindfulness, curiosity, and peace. Emotional balance is a core value in her practice. Come to one of Stacey’s Gentle Vinyasa Flow classes and experience the unique way yoga inspires acceptance, hope and positive change.  Stacey is a RYT200 level instructor and received her training through locally based Cambio Yoga. In her free time, you will find Stacey camping, hiking, or spending time with her favorite canine companion, Jewel.