Colorado Springs: Sunday, September 9th @ 7pm
Monument: Saturday, September 8th @ 12:30 pm $150.

New to aerial?  If so, this is the perfect class for you.  This 6 week fundamentals class provides the knowledge and skills to maneuver within several of Dragonflies mixed level classes.  The focus of this class is on basic aerial theory and mechanics. We will teach you how to use leverage, gravity and momentum in your favor as well as proper body alignment and shoulder placement to elongate your aerial journey and protect against injuries.

Our introduction to aerial class covers our “First 40” curriculum beginning with lifted hangs and, should personal progression allow, ending with single rotation drops and sequences.   You will learn how to work smarter not harder, from the very beginning and set your aerial foundation properly.  At the completion of this class you will be able to work into any of our mixed level classes.
This session begins June 10th and runs through July 15th.
Cost is $150 total for all 6 classes.

BONUS** Intro class students may attend open gym complimentary!

Student: Brittany Alonzo
Photo: Christian Murdoch