Dragonfly runs on monthly enrollments.  When you register for DAC classes you are committing to a monthly draft.  Dragonfly models the same tuition enrollment system as most gymnastics and dance studios. By pulling monthly tuition we are able to provide discounted rates for classes and the ability for students to reserve their placement in a class without having to re-register monthly, (which is great because we run waiting lists on most of our classes). Aerial studios that run on drop-ins normally charge upwards of $27 per class. By running monthly enrollments we can reduce the per class fee to $21 a class. So even with our annual $40 equipment fee, you are saving about $300 a year per class.  In addition, with student commitment, we are able to progress students further faster with a structured curriculum that does not have to adapt to one-time drop-ins.

Tuition is pulled on either the 5th, 15th, or 25th of each month for the upcoming month, depending on your enrollment date.

Students may make up one absence per class, per month, and makeups will expire in two months, if not used. We are excited to now offer makeups in classes with space available, but they must be scheduled through your portal in advance. To request a makeup be added to your portal, email office@dragonflyaerialco.com.  Please, keep in mind your student’s age and level when selecting a class for their makeup.

Withdrawals must be submitted in writing by emailing office@dragonflyaerialco.com 10 days before your draw date for tuition draws to be halted and students dis-enrolled for the following month. We offer the benefit of monthly enrollments but simply ask for a minimum of ten days notice to reasign or alter class schedules if necessary, in result of cancelations.

Students will not be credited, or reimbursed if they neglect to cancel outside of that policy. We commit to our students and instructors a monthly class schedule. Due to our low student/teacher ratio, there are times when just two cancellation in a class are enough for us to need to cancel the entire class section.  10 days allows us to make accommodations if need be and prepare instructors and students for potential schedule changes.

Due to the diversity of our classes and our current full schedule of classes leaving little availability for added class times, we are not able to provide makeup classes due to weather closures unless a class is missed more than once in a month.  We may schedule additional weekend open gym time for students to get their training hours in that week but it will be case specific and on availability. An e-mail will be sent if this is an option that week. Out tuition is based on a four week month and draws are at a flat fee and does not increase on months where there are 5 weeks of classes.  This is to account for the occasional Holiday and unforeseen closures such as weather.

Dragonfly students are assessed a yearly Equipment Maintenance Fund Fee of $40. Similar to the yearly registration fee with dance studios and gymnastics facilities, (although we don’t feel you should have to pay to “register” !) This yearly “equipment” fee allows us to continue to update, maintain and add new equipment and replace components like our Safety Lower-out system, replace fabrics and hardware and introduce new apparatus. Something we can not continue to do solely on our reasonable tuition fees on our low student/teacher ratio.

Family and friends of students are welcome to view classes from the loft in our studio and may only enter and exit between classes. Please keep the volume level to a minimum and do not interrupt or shout out to your child or the instructor during class.
Out of respect to our students and the safety of minors, please refrain from filming classes. Students in class are allowed to film specific skills, with the permission of the instructor, but “letting the camera simply roll” is not permitted. You may ask the instructor at the beginning of class if you would like them to reserve a moment at the end of class for a photo or two.

  1. Be on time. If students miss the warm up portion of class they will not be permitted to attend the remainder of class.
  2. Dress appropriately.  No short short shorts (hot pants), low cut tank tops, bare midriff will be permitted in fabric classes.
  3. Cell phone use is not permitted in the studio during class. Please take it outside.
  4. Be aware of personal hygiene, clean feet, coverage of underarms when possible,and NO long nails.
  5. No jewelry, with the exception of studded earrings, unless cleared by instructor.
  6. Hair should be tied back and in a bun if possible.
  7. Wash/Sanitize hands when entering class to reduce exposure to contact illnesses.
  8. Do not come to class ill, you will be sent home! (Yes, even if you sanitize.)  We will gladly issue you additional makeup classes.
  9. Students are not permitted to work beyond the instructor’s curriculum. If you saw it on You-tube, please talk to the instructor before attempting to execute it.  They may have progressions that may need to be mastered prior to your you-tube goal skill.
  10. Students are not permitted to instruct other students (with exception of professional level classes) or work beyond the instructor’s perceived point of exhaustion.
  11. Students are only permitted on the apparatus while under the direct supervision of their instructor.
  12. Reckless behavior will result in dismissal from class.  This includes doing your “own thing” when the instructor is leading the class in a theme of instruction.
  13. No gum.
  14. If on the ground, please be patient and do not interrupt the instructor while they work with another student.
  15. Tape over cuts or abrasions. This means tape over bandages covering abrasions.
  16. Rock or chalk rosin only for youth classes.
  17. Do not enter through the Back “Staff Door”.

Have fun and root for each other! This is your class and you are here to FLY!

 Please e-mail us directly if you have any questions or concerns about policies, enrollments, or tuition fees.

Our coaches will not be able to help you with administrative questions in class.