Intro To Fabric

Welcome to the basics of flying on silks! Students will learn how to use leverage, gravity and momentum to find balance and stability in the fabric. These skills will transfer over to many other apparatus. Students will learn proper shoulder placement while hanging, Basic climbing, foot locks, straddle inversions and hip locks.

Fabric Level 1

Moving on to growing your skill vocabulary and creating sequences! Students will cultivate strength through targeted conditioning and begin learning fundamental wrap mechanics like multiple entries into cross-back, pinwheel variations and explorations from Secretary and Swing Seat. We learn approximately ten different climbs and wrap up this level with introduction to catcher’s inversion wrap variations.

Fabric Level 2

In Fabric 2 we expand our climbing vocabulary with tension lock and rotating climbs. We introduce cradle transitions and more difficult twisting and multi-step skills. We introduce climbing above skills and expand into Ramone inversion wraps, ending the level with single rotation star and small horizontal slack drops as well as beginning salto skills, only after students exhibit the ability to control their fall speeds.

Fabric Level 3

Students in Level 3 are learning more intricate wrap mechanics. Multi-step sequencing that cultivates increased stamina and encourages exploration of transitions are the focus. We begin to learn how to stack drop sequences with multiple rotation drops. We learn how to wrap for these skills with an understanding of anatomy and where wraps should be placed to prevent injuries. We introduce S wrap and outside seatbelt skills like rainbow marchenko.

Fabric Level 4

We’re rocking belay’s, thigh hitch pathways and inside seatbelt transitions. We are learning to stack multi-directional drops and create unique pathways of our own! Our conditioning set is challenging and our stamina is growing as we create full routines with our own signature transitions. We are executing clean beat variations, swivel ups to S-lock and switches.

Fabric Level 5

Level 5 is our Pro-level at Dragonfly. We are creating curriculum and dismantling things we may have seen on Instagram and other Social Media. We are creating our own pathways and signature skills. We are learning how to coach others.

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