The Dragonfly Aerial Company is always looking for amazing coaches and contributors

We never stop growing and striving to be better. The only way to do that is by continually expanding our exposure to the industry and introducing different styles and methods of movement. This is why we ourselves continue to attend international competitions such as Viva Fest, and pursue multiple certifications and trainings! We never stop learning and we do not expect our coaches too!

Our safety-focused program is recognized by USA Gymnastics, American Circus Educators and currently in the process of consideration from NASM for continued education credits as well! We also are in collaboration with Emily Scherb, author of Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts to provide anatomical resources keeping students well rounded in their coach cultivation. You are in great hands with the Dragonfly Aerial Company, Aerial Coach Certification program.

We have been teaching professional aerialists since 2002 and have launched 13 “Dragonfly” aerial programs in affiliate gyms nationwide from Feb 2017- Feb 2019 alone. Our coaches are our backbone and contribute to the instruction, video library and curriculum for all of our gyms across the country. Dragonfly offers several certifications from Parties, Bootcamps & special programs (Purple Level), to Advanced Level (Red Level) Fabric Theory & Mechanics. We are currently looking for all levels of coaches (especially elite) at our home base in CO, Dallas, Texas, Houston, Texas and potentially Naples, Florida. Training will be facilitated for Fundamental (Green) level 2 coaches at the Colorado Springs, Dragonfly Home Base in May, 2021. We love to promote from within and as well as bring in elite level coaches with outside influence to broaden our diversity of styles.

Our next CIT program training will launch May 9th

Establishing fundamentals is the primary focus and the foundation provided in this level is built upon in all subsequent trainings. For aerial skills, this level focuses on progressions to help prepare students for the following: climbing, wrist locks, foot locks, hip keys, and inversions. By utilizing conditioning and knot-based progressions these aerial essentials are developed along with over 145 additional skills. This level provides day one training for new students and spans content that begins to develop knee release drop technique in a knot. The educational portion of this teacher training covers topics that instructors need to create a successful and positive classroom experience and culture. These topics include warm ups/cool downs, movement pathways, understanding forces on the body, spotting techniques, effective cueing, leadership, fundamental rigging, classroom management and safety. Suggested Reading: The Aerial Teacher’s Handbook by Julianna Hane. Dragonfly coaches are given access to the National Dragonfly Aerial Company Licensing website with online resources and they are provided with lesson by lesson curriculum breakdowns for that level with one sheets and video tutorials on each skill to be presented. Additional resources such as skill sequencing, student performances, articles, podcasts and workshops are also provided to our coaches! Green level 1 coaches receive access to 6 months of week by week lesson planning and mentorship. Upon completion, you may register for the 12 hour, Fabric Level 2 teaching supplement (the second 6 months of Year 1) for just $350. (No assisting hours are required for Level 2 completion).

The skills goal for this session is to get students literally working at a higher level. Once students have gotten their foot locks, hip keys, and inversions from standing on the ground the next step is progressing the students to being able to execute those skills in the air. Using many of the progression techniques introduced in level one, the content of this level is meant to take students into more complicated foot lock skills, gain the ability to execute fundamental skills in the air, and be introduced to the fundamental drops patterns of falling forward, backward, and rolling horizontally. The educational portion of this teacher training covers topics to expand the instructor’s knowledge of the human body to better observe student’s execution and cue engagement from a place of deeper understanding. These topics include wrap fundamentals, abdominals engagement, overhead shoulder mechanics, hip mobility, flexibility, and hypermobility. Suggested Reading: Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts by Dr. Emily Scherb and The Fundamentals of Aerial Alignment by Shannon McKenna (eBook)

A whole new world! Once aerialists have achieved the milestone of being able to execute hip keys and inverts in the air confidently, a whole new skill set become the foundation for working in the air. Students need to be discerning with wraps and theory begins to play a more important role in the learning process as skills become more challenging. Transitions and sequences become more complex requiring strength, memory, and endurance. This is also the beginning stage for conditioning exercises that are a staple of more advanced work, such as: back balances, windmills, meathooks, and momentum. The educational portion of this teacher training focuses on adding depth to the instructor’s teaching knowledge by establishing basic fabric theory, more in-depth rigging knowledge, lesson planning, periodization, troubleshooting plateaus, injury prevention and fall safety. Suggested Reading: Proximal: An Introduction to Aerial Theory by Dara Minkin. Dragonfly Blue Level binder with one year of week to week lesson plans and resources is provided.

Dragonfly does not believe we can teach you to be an aerial “coach” in 30 hours. That is not our goal. Our mission is to provide a strong fundamental launching pad, in person, and by partnering with you, we can cultivate great coaches over time. We do feel that with certain pre-requesites (such as a clean inversion) and hands on coach training we can give you what you need to succeed. In addition, the Dragonfly program is about developing the whole coach, mind body and soul. Our first priority is safety followed by student culture. We are not interested in divas. We are interested in Strong, Compassionate and Encouraging coaches who are Fierce in their discipline and their passion for aerial. If you are an elite level performer but not interested in cultivating the ability to motivate a student and leave them feeling empowered, Dragonfly is not for you. We seek coaches that have the same level of passion for a nine year old recreational student as they do for a young adult competitive.

Trainees are required to complete 20 hours of assisting, (alternative options are available for remote learners) at Dragonfly, to complete the certification process. This allows us to see you hands on with students. Coaches are also provided continued resources to grow as a coach though our complimentary coach classes here at home base, where we can continue to cultivate you to the next level.

In order to complete a Dragonfly Coach certification, you must obtain CPR and First Aid certification, complete 20 hours of in-class assisting, complete a written exam and must attend all 18-20 hours of training. Minimum age is 16 years. Textbook: Dragonfly provides a versatile and packed full binder with at least 24 lessons of curriculum and resources. Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts by Emily Scherb is required reading for Level 1 as well as the Aerial Instructors Handbook by Julianna Hane. Dragonfly coach certifications are not easy, but we are more than teacher training. We are a coach cultivation and mentorship program and invested for the long haul, including potential placement opportunities.

If Dragonfly sounds like the right program for you, send a resume and/or email of current training experience and “Why” you would like to be a Dragonfly Aerial Coach here