Did you know there are several applications for trapeze! Of course there is “Flying Trapeze” where we swing, release and catch while passing through transitional positions in between.

There is also Duo Trapeze hung high providing space for partner work underneath and above, similar to cradle and duo acro work.

Then there is the Dance Trapeze where the apex of the rope connection is into a single point allowing the trapeze to spin like a hoop while still providing the benefits of a liquid apparatus in the ropes and a solid apparatus in the hard bar like hoop!  This is not your grandma’s trapeze!  Even the Dance Trapeze has changed in recent and our artists are using the ropes like never before dropping stars into amazons and saltos!

Beginners will start with knee pinch conditioning, balance technique and stabilizing poses. Intermediate flyers will add in rotational skills and advanced students will add increased strength poses and drop stacking.


Dance Trapeze

Flying Trapeze

Duo Trapeze

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