Come Fly with the DAC Competition team!

Why do we compete? I’ve not been a big fan for competitions for the arts in the sense that I don’t believe you can judge “art” fairly. Much of it is preference and perspective. However, there is a reason we participate in competitions at the DAC. Not solely to win a First or Second place. We compete so that we can get our students performance experience in front of the people that grant scholarships, offer contracts and provide awards. We participate in competitions for the opportunity to see what is current in the aerial world and to learn from specialty instructors and master coaches currently working in the professional community. Competing prepares students to create a goal and develope the discipline to prepare an artistic piece within a time period that will be subject to constructive criticism which will, if channeled positively and with a growth mindset, will make them better artists and performers. Students are encouraged to express themselves artisticly in celebration of their own unique style.

It is a great time to be a part of the DAC. We have revised Dragonfly policy to make our program more inclusive to all students with a desire to take their aerial journey to new heights. Competitors are encouraged to have a primary and secondary discipline, take a flexibility class as well as performance and act development. However, we are no longer requiring contracts or participation in all 5 classes for eligibility, as we know many of our students are already enrolled in other programs supplementing these skills. There is a $50 a month Competition supplement for our competitive group to help offset costs of rehearsals, extended classes and administrative time.

It is a great time to be a part of our competitive team! If you would like to compete with the DAC,

We never want expenses to be a barrier. If you are in need of assistance and have a deep dedication to aerials, consider our Scholarship Program.

Download form below to apply for a Dragonfly Aerial Company Scholarship.

DAC Competition Scholarship Form

For the Feb-Nov 2022 competition season we are looking at:

Skybound Regionals-Canada (Virtual) March 7th-14th,

*Vivafest International (In-person, Las Vegas, NV) (*Tentative if mandate policy changes are implemented)

Skybound Nationals-Canada (Virtual) June 6th-13th,

Florida Aerial Arts Championships (In-person, Orlando, FL) July 9th,

Aerial Star Competition (Virtual) September 23rd-25th,

2nd in-person competition, TBA

West Coast Aerial Arts Festival, (In-person this year, Costa Mesa California), November 10th-13th

Aerial Sport and Circus Competition, (in-person competition in Washington State), * awaiting release dates and full details. 

Emily Wegert Competition Manager