Classes at Dragonfly

Before taking aerial instruction anywhere, always inquire on the

instructors qualifications, their length of time teaching and/or certifications they hold as well as if they are insured.

Never practice aerial in an environment without adequate crash mats!

Classes at DRAGONFLY Aerial are structured. Students begin with conditioning and strength training before moving on to aerial maneuvers and drops.  HOWEVER, we don’t stop there. Director, Mistia Fallon, a veteran aerial performer, stresses the importance of choreography and transitions in addition to musicality and technique. Every student chooses a piece of music that moves them and they cultivate a routine that challenges them while focusing on their strengths and building their abilities as a performer and as an athlete. Students also receive a basic introduction to rigging so to understand basic safety requirements in regards to equipment. Because Mistia has actually produced and marketed entertainment, she is able to  give her students an edge. At DRAGONFLY aerial you learn so much more than just the technical skills of being an aerialist. You truly learn how to fly.