New fitness craze makes you a circus performer

A new fitness craze is taking the nation by storm, giving you a workout while letting your inner kid play.

“We created this aerial boot camp class to get people in a class in an environment that’s not intimidating,” said Mistia Fallon, Director of Dragonfly Aerial CO.

Women and men are using hoops and aerial silks to get a good workout in. They get a major arm workout and a defined core. It also increases flexibility and strength.  “A lot of people say, ‘I’m not strong enough to do that.’ Well, that’s the whole point. That’s how you get strong enough,” Fallon said.

The instructors at Dragonfly, located in the Precizion 509 building, have decades of experience in performance. Including Tatiatna Stepanchenko, who worked at Cirque du Soleil O on the Las Vegas Strip the last two decades. Now she teaches classes and is raising her 5-month-old daughter.

“When you see the difference in the students, one week they can’t get up, then two weeks later they’re up and climbing. I feel proud of myself and them and what they accomplish,” Stepanchenko said.

The students are varied in shapes, sizes, ages, and athletic experience.

“This is so unique here in our town. It’s something different to do in our fitness,” 60-year-old student Mary Jo Campbell said.

“It’s funny, you either do really awesome and that’s really cool. But when you fail it’s really funny too. So it’s OK to laugh at yourself,” student Lindsey Macgown said. “It’s scary at first as a newcomer with no strength. It’s intimidating. But just keep coming. You’ll get there.”

Men are encouraged to take these classes too. It helps with flexibility, which is a nice addition to strength training routines.​

The instructors say if you find a class, make sure you check with the teacher’s professional licensing. Make sure the silk rigging was installed, inspected, and maintained by certified riggers to ensure your safety.

Dragonfly also has a professional company that provides high flying entertainment for tradeshows and weddings. They’re currently hoping to find a new business space with 20-foot ceilings or higher for practices.