February Class Schedule!

*Dragonfly Students are monthly enrollments and students are registered in specific classes.

*Unless Specified, NO "Drop-ins" are admitted without prior approval from the class

  instructor or program director, and only for advanced level classes.

*Open Gym sessions and Workshops can be purchased as a Drop-In through our "Events Tab". (Minors must be accompanied by an adult unless approved by the director).  Non students must also be approved by the director or a Dragonfly instructor to register for open gyms. 

*Adult Classes in Yellow    *Youth Classes in White     *Mixed Classes in Purple


9a-11a- Open Gym

4:30pm- Teen/Adult Intro to Fabric (L1) 

5:40pm- Teen/Adult Hoop (L1)

6:50pm- Adult Intro to Fabric (L2) 

8:00pm- Adult Fabric (L2)


12-4:00pm-Dragonfly New Teacher Training

4:00pm- Youth Competitive & Performance (L4/5)

5:00pm- Adult Intro to Fabric (L1)

6:00pm- Adult Intro to Mixed Apparatus (L1)

7:00pm- Adult Fundamental Sling (L1)

8:00pm- Adult Int/Adv Fabric Theory (L4/5) (Call for Drop-in pre-req) 


11:00am- Adult L1 Hoop 

12:00pm- Adult L1 Fabric 

1:00pm-  Teen Straps 

2:00pm-  Teen/Adult Advanced Hoop

3:15pm-  Partnering Mixed Apparatus

4:15pm-  Youth Performance (Floor to Air) 

5:15pm-  Youth Hoop 

6:15pm-  Teen/Adult Advanced Fabric (L3/4)

7:15pm-  Teen/Adult L1 Hoop 

8:15pm-  Teen/Adult Advanced Aerial Hoop (Call for Drop-in pre-req) 

9:30pm-  Adult Advanced Straps (Call for Drop-in pre-req) 


2:00pm- Intermediate Sling & Loops (L2/L3)

4:00pm- Youth/Teen Fabric (L2)

5:00pm- Youth/Teen Intro to Fabric (L1)

6:00pm- Teen Mixed Apparatus

7:00pm- Adult Performance (Floor to Air) 

8:00pm- Adult Fabric (L 2/3)


11:00am-12:30pm- Professional Performance Company

3:30p-5:30p Open Gym

4:30pm- TBA

5:40pm- Youth Intro to Fabric (L1)

6:50pm- TBA

8:00pm- Teen Intro to Fabric (L1) 


10am-1:00p- Show Rehearsal (Participants Check Rehearsal Schedule)

1:00p-3:00p- Open Gym

3:00p-4:00p- Designated Makeup Class (First Saturday of the Month)


2:00p-4:00p Open Gym

4:30pm- Youth Intro to Aerial (L1)

5:40pm- Youth/Teen Fabric  (L2/3)

6:50pm- Youth/Teen Fabric (L1/2) 

8:00pm- Adult Aerial Fabric (L2)

Small Group/ Private Sessions/ Parties - Call for Details (818) 470-5408


**Before Beginning Any Aerial Program, ask:

​1) How long have you been teaching? (In Years...)

2) What qualifies you to teach? (Experience- Pedogogy training)

3) Where did you receive your training? (Associations)

4) Did a qualified rigger install and maintain your equipment? (Safety)

5) Do you follow OSHA Fall Safety or ACE Aerial Teacher Guidelines? 

6) Is your instructor CPR and First Aide certified?

7) What is the protocol for a student in distress? 

Dragonfly Aerial Company (Colorado Home Base)

 11641 Ridgeline Dr. #160 , Colorado Springs, CO 80921 *   (719) 749-1459