Dannielle Maxwell

As a professional contemporary dancer, choreographer and teacher, Danni Maxwell is no stranger to the performance world. She began dancing at age two, and hasn’t stopped moving since! With rigorous training from performing arts schools, as well as acrobatic coaching from former Cirque du Soleil performers, she has a true passion for the arts and the desire to share them.

She received her dance/acrobatics teaching certification in 2004 from the Dance Teacher Training Association, and has since received multiple performance and choreography awards from national competitions. She was accepted into the 8th Street Contemporary Dance Company in Greeley, CO in 2009. In the same year, she married her husband, who had just enlisted in the US Army. Since then, she has traveled to South Korea and North Carolina. While stationed in NC, she not only taught at several dance studios and had two amazing little boys, but it is also where she discovered her true love for aerial acrobatics. In 2015, she was accepted into the Air Born Aerial Performance Troupe, which offered her opportunities that varied from outdoor street-festival style performances to contracted private events.

Danni holds the position of company manager for both of Dragonfly Aerial Company’s Youth and Adult performance companies.  Danni is also a technical skill-execution model, curriculum contributor and instructor for Dragonfly Aerial Company’s National licensing program, which recently opened it’s 13th gym Nationwide and provides ongoing mentorship to just over 40 coaches.  In addition, Danni is an instructor for the competitive dance team at Kemper Dance Studio.

Danni has developed a deep passion for being in the air and carries multiple apparatus experience including, but not limited to, Fabric, Sling, Loops, Net, Conventional Hoop, Tippy Hoop, Rope and Chains. …yes and chains.  That love for the aerial world, coupled with her devotion to teaching, has opened a window of opportunity that she will forever be grateful for.  She is truly humbled and honored to be working alongside her fellow Dragonfly instructors for her third season!  We welcome you to peruse a small collection of Danni’s professional performances below. Corporate and Ambiance performance clips and gallery available upon request.