Dragonfly Aerial 2022 Calendar is now available for sale!

In collaboration with Fine Art photographer Marisa S. White, we present for presale the Dragonfly Aerial Company’s 2022 collectors calendar.

The calendar is $39 plus $5 for shipping.

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This calendar is like no other!

Marisa has taken images of the Dragonfly Aerial Company’s staff and created a surreal and magical world. Aerial dance is an art like no other which celebrates form, strength, grace and athleticism. As we move into the upcoming year, Dragonfly is excited with what lies ahead in 2022, from the completion of our new building to the special programs we have planned for our community. Marisa has incorporated the athletic, fun and expressive qualities of our staff with the industrial textures of our new space, curently under construction. The marriage of the artists and environment have created some most fantastical images.

This is a beautiful collectors calendar and the images can be framed. The calendar is 9.5″ X 17.25″. Click HERE to see Marisa’s other calendars for an example of the quality of her work.

Marisa S White is a local and award-winning fine artist who has exhibited throughout the US and Europe and is collected internationally. You can find more of her work on display at Kreuser Gallery and G44 Gallery here in Colorado Springs during the month of December or online at marisaswhite.com.