Kaelibeth Rose

Handbalancing on Canes, Fabric, Acrobatics, Dance Trapeze
Kaelibeth is a movement enthusiast who loves encouraging confidence, creativity, and joy through acrobatic and aerial arts.

She is a multiple time national champion in acrobatic gymnastics and trained under Ukrainian world champion Illya Demyanyuk. She received a college scholarship for acrobatics and performed and coached internationally with her university’s acrobatic team, in disciplines including acrobatic gymnastics, hand balancing, aerial silks, duo static trapeze, tumbling, stunting, and tossing. She was the Creativity and Fitness captain of the team, leading the conditioning and flexibility training of over fifty athletes, as well as creating and directing expansive multi-discipline shows. Kaelibeth went on to work as an aerialist and coach in NYC, where she successfully auditioned into Cirque Du Soleil’s roster as a physical actor. She’s led workshops for events attended by thousands of athletes on performance and audience engagement, hand balancing, and aerial silks, and has professionally choreographed competitive and performance routines for acrobatic gymnasts, dancers, and aerialists. She has been coaching tumbling, acrobatics, handstands, conditioning, flexibility, and aerial arts since 2009 and hopes to continue to learn and grow as a coach and artist in the years to come.