Olivia Crawford

Fabric, Mixed Apparatus, Sling
Olivia holds a degree in cinema and has directed numerous short films. Olivia has a passion for and has worked with several children’s theater groups. When Olivia discovered Dragonfly in 2019, she was fascinated. What’s more fun than theater? Theater in the air!

She’d be quick to tell you that you don’t have to consider yourself an athletic person to fall in love with aerial arts. Building strength is a lifelong task, and aerial acrobatics provides excellent opportunities for growth—both mental and physical. An enthusiastic instructor, Olivia firmly believes in her students, and she does her best to encourage learners of all ages to work toward their goals with determination, hard work, and the ability to giggle at yourself.
When her head’s not (literally) in the clouds, Olivia works as a magazine editor and videographer. At home, she can often be found with a warm cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other. Stories, stories everywhere!