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If you would like to be part of this amazing program, let us know!  Dragonfly welcomes anyone with a passion for artistic performance who would like to share their time, as program assistants, and/or resources by donating below, in this exciting endeavour!
You may donate below and or e-mail us HERE to volunteer! 

​About our “Flight School” program:

​Dragonfly is a place for anyone, and we have developed an all-inclusive, community of passionate flyers and we want to take it on the road! In alignment with our studio culture, our Flight School program is built on the foundation of the growth mindset and the power of “Yet”.  Aerial acrobatics is a specialized skill set and qualified instruction and a safe learning environment can be costly, limiting exposure to this fabulous art.  Therefore, we want to take our Flight School on the road and bring it to schools and organizations introducing it to all demographics of the Springs, surely hitting densely populated schools of students in all communities who otherwise would not be exposed to aerial dance and circus, let alone participate in it.  In doing this we will amplify the art and reach a whole new audience! We want to teach ALL kids to FLY!

Last year we piloted a VBS Flight School program introducing  circus arts, specifically aerial, through a series of  organized timed group rotations, led by qualified instructors wih years of experience working with kids.  This program provided a great amount of exposure to a large number of kiddos in a relatively short amount of time.  These students, who would otherwise not even be exposed to this art, were actually able to watch a professional performance and then actually learn some of the skills!  Our Flight School was a success! With some help from the Peak Art Prize we can make our Flight School more accessible to kids by bringing it directly to them!   Our program targets the middle and high school demographic but has ran a modified version successfully with kidddos as young as 5.

Our plan exposes large number of our youth to the wonderful diversity of aerial arts while proving to them that the sky really is the limit. Our workshops launch with a performance from our professional and elite level coaches.  Then the coaches break out into stations and lead the students through a series of timed rotations that introduce groups of students to acrobatics, fabric, hoop, and trapeze in bitesize portions, leaving them feeling like superheroes and resulting in an exceptionally large amount of students, of all demographics, experienceing an art that lies outside of conventional dance and fitness.

In addition, our Flight School can be adapted to accomodate almost any versatile school focus!  What do we mean by versatile in focus?  Well if the school is focusing on health and fitness the program can be built around aerial fitness.    What if the school is focusing on Science and Math? Aerial Arts is a fantastic lesson in Physics!  We’ll teach them the conservation of angular momentum while they are spinning!  Our workshops can be built around almost any age and any program focus. However, no matter what the focus, we are introducing a creative art form that is unique and specialized to those who otherwise would not have an opportunity to see it, let alone try it, but we can only do it with the help of the Peak Arts Prize! Please help get those additional mats and rigging systems to make it happen!

Most Gratefully,

Mistia Fallon