Words from our Flying Family:


Recently, Dragonfly was nominated for the Ent Small Business Giveaway, judging was on April 25th. We are overwhelmed with the amount of support we have received from our community, which we wanted to share here.  It would be awesome to win.  ...after reading these testimonials from our students, we feel like we already have....


Savanna Lynne I nominate Dragonfly Aerial CO! They have such a special community with a strong family feel. Everyone's welcome, encouraged and supported just as they are. My coaches there and the atmosphere of a strong growth mindset is what I'm missing most during quarantine. They have such a love of self growth and the arts I would love to see what they could accomplish if they won!

Heather Llewellyn Jaggers I nominate Dragonfly Aerial Co! They are a small business that works hard to provide opportunities to the community to participate in this sport. Their instructors have incredible compassion for their students--they take extra time watching every move and develop it to the next level. There isn't a day that has gone by with isolating from CO19 that my daughter hasn't said how much she misses all of her classes. Since she started lessons there she has gained so much confidence! I hope that many other students can benefit from this amazing company in the future,

Christie 'Tomlinson' Pace I nominate Dragonfly Aerial CO! This very deserving small business that truly cares for each and every student not only with top notch safety but to create a beautiful environment that fosters their students to grow, be uplifted and supported through aerial arts and into their lives. Their students are the ripple effect of their coaches that spreads those same values out into the community. Every person is welcomed and you will love flying in this amazing community of teachers and students!

Audrey Scheck Dragonfly Aerial CO is the best aerial gym! Safety is their number one priority, and every class is an incredibly fun workout. Dragonfly is more than a gym--it's an amazing community. The students and staff there are nothing but supportive of one another, and people of all skill levels are welcomed with open arms. I can't wait to get back there and fly with my Dragonfly family again on the other side of this.

Becca Pichon I nominate Dragonfly Aerial CO! This place is like a second family to me. It is beyond amazing what everyone in this company does creatively and for the community. Through spreading the love and excitement of the aerial arts to all ages, this place has been a blessing to me and so many others. They deserve it! ❤️❤️❤️


Joy G Elizabeth I nominate Dragonfly Aerial CO. They are everything I love about supporting local small business. They took a unique skill set and turned it into an exemplary business that brings so many people together! They teach us how to grow into ourselves and develop talents that we never knew we had. But more importantly, they grow us as a family. Everyone there is the support for everyone else - we all succeed at our own levels and paces but we succeed together. As students, we’re all open doors and open hearts and I’d hate to see our community without them here.

Dallas Pierce I want to nominate Dragonfly Aerial Co. They are an amazing small business with a heart for serving the community. So much love comes from the individuals who work there. They are so deserving!

Brianna Freda I am nominating @dragonflyaerialco This company strives to make people feel empowered and strong in their own skin, while looking beautiful. This company is so welcoming to any and all who wants to know what it feels like to fly, and the feeling when you know someone will be there to catch you if you fall. There is so much love and encouragement that comes from the very core of this company, and what it means to be a dragonfly. I nominate them, because they nominate their employees and their students everyday in the work that they do 💜

Shanna Evans Bauer I nominate Dragonfly Aerial COMistia Fallon has a heart for her employees and her students. She is passionate not only about creating memories that will last a lifetime, but about pouring into the local community through art, music, and dance..... This is an incredible company.

Celine Caldwell Thomas I nominate Dragonfly Aerial CO! They are run by a passionate and dedicated team, providing the gift of personal growth through building confidence and self esteem.💜

Nicole Parriott I would like to nominate Dragonfly Aerial CO for this. They are amazing, they make their students feel good and have confidence in learning the skills of aerial work. Everyone is extremely helpful and professional. I feel at home there and would love to see them be able to keep going and working with their students and performers. Being at dragonfly aerials has been the best experience of my life and one of the only times I have felt truly at home in my own body.

Karen Montalvo Dragonfly Aerial CO is such an amazing small business that brings such a positive growth mindset to the community!! They have my vote!!

Shannon Boydstun I would like to vote for Dragonfly Aerial CO. The owners care deeply about their students and are passionate about helping people be the best versions of themselves.

Jennifer Marrero Dragonfly Ariel-family friendly. Kind hearted. Everyone is loved. They deserved to win.

Celine Caldwell Thomas I nominate Dragonfly Aerial CO! They are run by a passionate and dedicated team, providing the gift of personal growth through building confidence and self esteem.💜

Holly Aleine Sciorra I'd like to nominate Dragonfly Aerial for this business Grant to keep its students flying. Aerial arts has been one of the greatest gifts to my life and finding Dragonfly Aerial has helped me feel more successful in an otherwise very challenging physical practice of air dancing. The community is supportive and open. Please consider Mistia Fallon for this opportunity as she has brought much love and support to the Colorado Springs circus community.

Marchelle Elliott I would like to nominate Dragonfly Aerial CO. They are such a warm and welcoming facility for practitioners of all ages. My daughters and I are clients/students. I would sincerely hope that they will be able to continue to serve the community

Jennifer Anne I nominate Dragonfly Aerial:!! They are an energetic and amazing team of aerial artists!! They work tirelessly on helping their clients and their community!!

Natalie Amick Hugins I nominate Dragonfly Ariel.
Dragonfly offers a place for kids and adults to learn and build self confidence through Ariel performance.

Marsha Fallon I Nominate Dragonfly Aerial CO! 🧚‍♀️Owners are super dedicated to teaching all ages and creating a positive community💗

Brian Krause I would like to nominate the Dragonfly Aerial CO too!!!

Brett Burrow I would like to nominate

JeromyJasmine Neal I want to nominate Dragonfly Aerial Co. They are an amazing small business with a heart for serving the community. So much love comes from the individuals who work there. They are so deserving!

Chris Shepard I would like to nominate Dragonfly Aerial CO! This organization has is monumental in supporting it's students and community. It proves a safe & supportive space for individuals to learn a beautiful art form that is inspiring & creative. Additionally, the director of the organization and her team of amazing coaches has always worked towards creating an environment that is inclusive and supportive to all who are interested. I have found them to be life changing for me, and know the impact they have had on others. The grand prize would not only support their business efforts, but would ultimately support the community at large as well. Thank you!

Janice Fallon. I nominate DragonflyAerialCO because it is such a positive activity in the lives of young people and their moms too!! It builds confidence and inner and outer strength. And the teachers are outstanding...always positive and uplifting!!!